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Plush Owls

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21 Cute Stuffed Owls for Owl Lovers!

My Favorite Stuffed Owls to Give as a Gift!

Cute Plush Owls

Cutest Groovy Plush Owl

Cute plush owls make the best gift ideas for owl lovers!

Are you an owl lover?
I LOVE owls!

If you or anyone you know is an owl lover, you are going to love this unique selection of stuffed owls!
They make excellent gift ideas for any college student or professor, because they symbolize wisdom!

A stuffed owl will look amazing anywhere in your home!
You can have a cute plush owl on your couch and another one on your bed!
They also look great next to a plant!

My favorite owl stuffed animals are the ones that look very unique and colorful!
I gave the one you see on this picture to my sister and she loved it!
She even named her Ophelia!

I selected the most fun and unique stuffed owls I found!
I hope you enjoy them…

Plush owls are fun, colorful, soft, unique and above all, cheap!

Owl lovers love to collect anything owl and they always appreciate a new and cute stuffed owl!

*This awesome groovy plush owl is one the cutest plush toy owls around!
It is so colorful!!
I love the groovy β€œretro” flowery designs!!
I love the colors!!
It is a perfect gift item to any girl in the family!
(My sister got one from me as a gift last year!)
She is really large too!
You can even have this colorful owl in your living-room, on top of your bookshelf or coffee table!

On this page you are going to find the cutest plush owls on the market!

Have fun!

Cute Owl Throw Pillow

Yarn Owl Throw Pillow

Cute Owl Throw Pillow

Adorable Owl Throw Pillow, Lavender, 9.5 x 11 x 5″

What a cute, fun and very unique yarn owl throw pillow!
Awesome owl gift idea!
I love her huge owl ‘clueless’ eyes!
Great gift idea for a new baby girl or for any owl lover!
Awesome companion to take on a trip! πŸ™‚

(Product Dimensions: 5 x 9.5 x 11 inches)

Adorable Pink Plush Owls!

pink plush owls

Cute Pink Plush Owls

Adorable Pink Owl Case Of 24

This unique pink plush owl is one of my favorite plush owls around!
I love her cute design!
She is soft, fun and very huggable!

How about getting not one, not two, not three, but 24 cute PINK stuffed owls!!
There are enough for the whole family!
And all the owl lover friends! πŸ™‚
Look at her!
She is adorable!!

Wait a second!
Did I read that correctly?
You are not getting only one pink owl!
You are getting two dozens of them!!
You can give a few of them to your other owl lover friends!
Or you can throw an awesome owl party!

Real Looking Plush Great Horned Owl

Cutest Stuffed Owls!

Realistic Plush Great Horned Owl

Realistic Plush Great Horned Owl

Aurora World 9″ Barney the Plush Great Horned Owl

This plush owl is very cute and very cheap too!
She also looks pretty real to me!

How about having a few small plush owls on your couches and armchairs?
Happy buyers say she is too cute for words!

Handcrafted Brown Pink Owl From Malawi Africa

unique stuffed owls

Handcrafted Brown Pink Owl From Malawi Africa

Brown Pink Owl From Malawi Africa Handcrafted Fair Trade

This is probably one of the most unique stuffed owls around!
It is a handmade owl doll from Malawi!
Each one is completely original, created using recycled materials.
Great gift idea!

Squishable Purple Sleepy Owl 15″ Plush

sleepy round plush owl

Squishable / Sleepy Owl 15″ Plush

Squishable / Sleepy Owl 15″ Plush

How about this cute, round and soft (not to mention very sleepy) Squishable purple owl?
She is adorable!
Awesome owl gift idea for sure!
She will look great on your couch or bed!

Webkinz Snowy Owl

Webkinz Snowy Owl Plush

Webkinz Snowy Owl Plush

Webkinz Snowy Owl Plush

I love this Webkinz snowy plush owl!
Her expression is very realistic!
She is also very soft and cuddly!

Cool Retro Plush Owl

Retro Plush Owl

Retro Plush Owl

Retro Plush Owl

This has got to be the most unique plush owls I have ever seen!
It’s a fun retro plush owl!
Very soft and cuddly!
Wonderful owl gift idea!

Realistic Hansa Gray Owl Stuffed Animal

realistic plush owl

Realistic Plush Owl

Hansa Gray Owl Stuffed Plush Animal, Large

Another cute and fun plush owl with a moving head!
How awesome is that?
She is also extremely realistic looking and very soft!

Adorable Plush Owl, Green

Best Stuffed Owls for Kids!

Cute Forest Plush Owl, Green

Adorable Forest Plush Owl, Green

Lambs and Ivy Enchanted Forest Plush Owl, Green

This is the most adorable, cute and very affordable green plush owl I have ever seen!
Look at her big eyes!

She is very soft and colorful too!
Will look cute in any child’s bedroom or in a baby’s nursery room!!

Happy buyers say she is just perfect!

Fun Stuffed Owls to Collect!

Ty Beanie Baby Gylfie – Guardians of Ga’Hoole Owl

cute plush owl

Cute Plush Owl

Ty Beanie Baby Gylfie – Guardians of Ga’Hoole owl

Check out this cute and very cuddly adorable Ty Beanie Baby brown stuffed owl!
What a cute owl gift idea for anyone!
She can’t wait to cuddle with you!

Another Cute Brown Plush Owl

cutest plush owl

Cutest Stuffed Owls

Ty Beanie Baby Digger – Guardians of Ga’Hoole owl

Just by looking at this adorable Ty Beanie Baby plush owl you can see she is ultra-soft and cuddly!
It is impossible to not want to hug her tight!
(Yes, I am assuming it’s a ‘she’)

Ty Beanie Babies Boo Who? – Adorable Orange and Brown Plush Owl!

Ty Beanie Babies Boo Who? - Cutest Owl

Ty Beanie Babies Boo Who? – Cutest Owl

Ty Beanie Babies Boo Who? – Owl (Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive)

Look at her face!
This cute orange and brown plush owl is absolutely adorable!!
Look at her cute ‘owl eyes’!
She really wants to go home with you today! πŸ™‚

The next best thing is her price!
Very affordable!

I love her colors!
Can you read ‘boo hoo’ written all over her owl tummy?

Gigantic Stuffed Owl for Sale!

Very Soft Big Owl Plush Animal Over 2 Feet Tall

Gigantic Stuffed Owl for Sale

Gigantic Stuffed Owl for Sale

Large Stuffed Owl 26 Inches Tall Very Soft Big Plush Animal Over 2 Feet Tall

This is a massive light brown plush owl for sale!
How fun!
Can you imagine having her in your bedroom?
Makes a very cool owl gift idea too! πŸ™‚

Cute Plush Stuffed Knit Owls

Plush Stuffed Knit Owls

Cute Plush Stuffed Knit Owls

Pack of 2 Genuine Monkeez and Friends Reagan Green Plush Stuffed Knit Owls 11″

You will get a pack of two adorable and very unique green, purple and white plush knit owls with orange beaks!
(It looks like a carrot, right?)
Perfect owl lover’s gift idea!
You give one to someone you love and keep one for yourself! πŸ™‚

(Dimensions: 11″H x 8″W x 6″D)

Girl Owl Nap Mat

Cute Stuffed Owl Mat for Babies!

Girl Owl Nap Mat

Girl Owl Nap Mat

Mary Meyer Taggies Oodle Owl Baby Mat

Awww…. what a cute and sweet owl nap mat for baby girls!
Her colors are so adorable!
What a great owl gift idea for a new baby girl!
She is ultra-soft and cuddly! πŸ™‚
They love it!

Lavender Scented Plush Turquoise Owl for Sale!

Adorable Microwaveable Scented Plush Owl, Turquoise

Microwaveable Scented Plush Owl, Turquoise

Hooty Microwaveable Scented Plush Owl, Turquoise

This is awesome!

Cute and scented TURQUOISE plush owl to relax you at bed time!
Just place this cute owl in the microwave and enjoy her lavender scent!

What a great gift idea for any owl lover!
She is available in several fun colors!
I want to collect them all!

Definitely one of the BEST Owl gift ideas for adults!

Softest Plush Owl for Sale!

Softest Plush Owl

Softest Plush Owl

Mary Meyer Marshmallow Zoo Owl 13″ Plush

I am so happy that I found this cute and very cuddly ultra-soft stuffed owl for sale!
She is 13 inches tall and it’s adorable!
As you can see she is very soft and the perfect hugging companion! πŸ™‚
She has a beautiful cappuccino brown color and gorgeous ‘owl eyes’!
Now comes the best part: she is very, very affordable!
You can definitely buy one for you or for someone you care about!
(I know what you want! You want to hug her right away!)

Fun White Plush Owl Ball!

Ty Beanie Ballz Hoots Owl Plush, Medium

funny plush owls for sale

Ty Beanie Ballz Hoots Owl Plush, Medium

Ty Beanie Ballz Hoots Owl Plush, Medium

I also love this cute white plush owl ball!
When you toss her, she will always land on her feet!
(Really?? That is very cool! πŸ™‚

Makes a great owl gift anytime!

(Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches)

Funny Fuzzy Sleepy Plush Owl

fuzzy plush owl

Adorable Sleepy Fuzzy Plush Owl

Cute Fuzzy Owl

And here is my favorite cutest plush owls around!

What a funny stuffed owl!
Grab the frizz control serum!

This cute and very sleepy fuzzy owl with wild hair!
She just woke up and she is still a bit confused! πŸ™‚
This is the best gift idea for a night owl!
I’m sure most of us feel and look exactly like that in the morning!
Love it!

(Size: 9″)

Stuffed Owls are so Cool!!

Hoot Hoot! Bye bye y’all! See you later!

Bright Eyes Pets - Breeze, the Green Owl

Bright Eyes Pets – Breeze, the Green Owl

Bright Eyes Pets – Breeze, the Green Owl

Did you like these stuffed owls?
I hope you did! πŸ™‚

Bye, bye owl now…
bye, bye owl now…

*Check out these fabulous OWL BACKPACKS too! πŸ™‚
They are so much fun!