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Owls Figurines

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Cute Owl Figurines for Owl Lovers!

cute owl figurines for sale

Owl Family Nesting Trio Figurine Set

I found the most fun and unique owls figurines!

Owl lovers love to decorate their homes with cute owl figurines all over!

We can never have too many owls, isn’t it true? πŸ™‚

This fun owls figurine set you see on this picture is actually a nesting owl figurine set!

How absolutely heart-melting is that?

The Hamilton Collection Blake Jensen Owl Family Nesting Trio Figurine Set with Swarovski Crystals

Even cooler than that is the fact that it is fairly large, at about 8 inches.

Perfect owl gift idea for a family of three! πŸ™‚

Colorful Owl Figurine Trinket Box

owl trinket box

Trinket Jewelry Box with Swarovski, Decorative Owl Figurine

Cute Trinket Jewelry Box Owl Figurine 5.5 Inches (Green)

How cool and unique is this colorful trinket box owl figurine?
It is 5.5 inches tall and will make an awesome owl gift idea!
What a fun owl piece!

Fine Swarovski Crystal Owl Figurine!

Fine Swarovski Crystal Owl Figurine

Fine Swarovski Crystal Owl Figurine

Swarovski Crystal Owl Figurine

Every owl stuff collector dreams of having a cute Swarovski crystal owl figurine in their collection too!
This is a gorgeous and affordable crystal owl figurine!
I love her color!
What a beautiful owl gift idea!

(Measures 1 5/8″ x 1 5/8″)

*Here are my top favorite crystal owls figurines for sale!

Large Realistic Barn Owl Figurine

realistic owl figurine for sale

Common Barn Owl Perching On Tree Stump Statue

Barn Owl Perching On Tree Stump Statue 13.75″Tall Lifelike

How gorgeous and fun is this realistic barn owl perching on a tree stump decorative figurine?
Is that a perfect owl gift idea or what?
Made of polyresin and crushed stone.
Great owl piece to have in your home office or living room!

Eagle Owl Standing on Books Decorative Figurine

best owl figurines for sale

Owl on Books Statue

Cool Eagle Owl on Books Statue – Owl of Wisdom and Knowledge

Beautiful and colorful wise owl on books figurine!
Owls are believed to represent wisdom and that’s why owl lovers love owls on books figures!
They are the most popular owls figurines!
This cute owl figurine is very realistic!
Great graduation gift idea for someone super smart in the family!

She is almost 9 inches tall.

Owl Perched on Two Books Figurine

cute owl on books figurine

Great Horned Owl Sculpture in Premium Cold Cast Bronze

Great Horned Owl Sculpture in Premium Cold Cast Bronze- 6.25-Inch

Another beautiful owl on books figurine for your collection!
I really like the ‘aged’ bronze color!
You can have both of these silver owls next to one another!
Great gift idea for a college student too!

Gorgeous Owl on Tree Figurine

real looking owl figurines

Realistic Nature Wildlife Eurasian Eagle Owl Perching On Tree Statue 14.25″ Tall

Beautiful Owl Perching On Tree Statue

What a cute and unique realistic owl perching on tree figurine!
I LOVE her!
She will look adorable in your bookshelf!
Very cute owl gift idea!

(Product Dimensions: 14.25 inches tall)

Retro Style Ceramic Wise Owls Figurines Set!

Retro Style Ceramic Wise Owls Figurines Set

Retro Style Ceramic Wise Owls Figurines Set

Colorful Wise Owls, Set of 3

What a fun, colorful and cute wise owls decorative figurines!
They are truly wise, as they know better than hear, see or talk evil! πŸ™‚
You won’t believe the price either!
Very affordable!
Even if you don’t have an owl figurine collection yet, you will start one after getting these cuties!
What an awesome owl gift!

Adorable Twin Owl Lovers Sleeping Decorative Figurine

cutest owls figurines for sale

Owl Lovers Statue on Tree Branch

Cute Owl Lovers Statue on Tree Branch

How ‘owldorable’ is this owls in love figurine?
They are sleeping!
Two lovely owls showing affection for one another!
What a wonderful gift idea for newlyweds or girlfriends!
Hand-painted and hand-crafted in resin.

(They are about 5 inches tall.)

Set of 2 Adorable Owl Figurines

beautiful owl figurines for sale set of 2

10″ Owl, Assortment of 2 – Festive Miniature Sculpture

Festive Miniature Sculpture Owls

This is probably the most unique set of owl figurines around!
It is a gorgeous set of two adorable owls! πŸ™‚
How original is that?
They are also very large folks! 10 inches each!
I bet you can’t wait to find a special spot for them in your house!

Adorable Happy Birthday Crystal Owl Figurine

cute birthday owl figurine

Swarovski Crystal Hoot Happy Birthday Figurine

Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Birthday Owl Figurine

This crystal owl figurine with a birthday cake is too cute for words!
She carries the birthday cake with candles on the top of her head!
She can’t wait to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you! πŸ™‚
It will make a lovely birthday gift for any owl lovers! πŸ™‚

*(She stands a little over 4 inches tall.)

Cute Wise Owl Figurines

wise owls figurines

Owl Statue DΓ©cor Figurines Set 6 Inch

Fun Owls Figurines Set 6 Inch

How cute, fun, and adorable are these wise owls?
They can’t wait to live on a nice shelf on display in your home!
I love their cool blue and gold color and their super big owl eyes!
Their size is about 6 inches.

Stunning Wise Owl Figurine!

Stunning Wise Owl Figurine

Stunning Wise Owl Figurine

G. Debrekht Wise Messenger Owl Figurine, 4-3/4-Inch Tall, Limited Edition of 600, Hand-Painted

If you know any owl stuff collectors and are looking for the perfect owl gift idea for him or her, then I think you are going to love this gorgeous hand-painted, artistic wise owl figurine for sale!
It comes is a beautiful gift box and will make you gasp when you see her!

*(4-3/4-Inch Tall)

Cool Halloween Owl Doll!

owl doll for sale

Tobias Owl Joe Spencer Gathered Traditions Art Doll Tan

GALLERIE II Tobias Owl Joe Spencer Gathered Traditions Art Doll Tan

And last, but definitely not least, one of the most adorable and fun owl figures ever!
It’s a gorgeous Halloween owl doll πŸ™‚
Make sure you choose a nice spot for them in your home, preferably near plants, pumpkins, or by the window!
It will stand out!
(His name is Tobias!)

*Did you like my selections of cute owl figurines?
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