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Owl Toys

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I Found The Most FUN OWL TOYS for Kids!

owl toys

Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy

I woke up in an ‘owl mood’ today…
Again! šŸ™‚

When this happens I know I have to look for anything owl!
I mean… everything owl!

This morning I happened to come across the most fun and unique owl toys for sale!!

They are so cute, colorful and adorable that I knew this page had to be born!

*This is what I’m talking about!
A cool and fun pink owl toy for kids!
It is a fun interactive flying owl toy! šŸ™‚

Stick around!
There are many more coming up!

Have a fun owl filled day!

Adorable Owl Push Toy for Toddlers!

Best Owl Toys for Kids!

cute owl toy for toddlers

Baby Push and Pull Toy Owl Push Walker

Push and Pull Toy Owl Push Walker

We all know active toddlers LOVE fun push and pull toys!
They are excellent for them to improve their balance, coordination, and brand-new walking skills!

This cute and unique owl pull toy is a blast!
She will love exploring her surroundings as soon as your toddler starts pulling her around the house!
Can you imagine all the fun they are going to have?

Adorable Owl Rocker for Toddlers!

cute owl rocking toy

Owl Animal Ride-on Toy

Child Plush Rocker Owl Animal Ride on Toy

What a cute green owl rocker for toddler boys and girls!
She is adorable!
Great owl gift idea for a baby girl’s nursery too! šŸ™‚

Very well-made and very soft!
Thumbs up!

Fun Blue Owl Teaching Clock for Kids

cute owl clock for kids

Clock for Kids Learning to Tell Time Cartoon OWL

Learning to Tell Time Cartoon OWL Clock Color & Shape Match Game

This is the best owl teaching toy around!
It is a fun turquoise color owl teaching clock!
So adorable!
Perfect fun way to start teaching your little ones how to tell time! šŸ™‚

Skip Hop Treetop Friends OWLS Activity Gym for Babies!

Cute Activity Gym for Babies

Cute Owl Activity Gym for Babies

Skip Hop Treetop Friends OWLS Activity Gym

What a fun owl gift idea for babies!!
It is their very own cute and colorful OWLS activity gym!
There are 17 different activities for them and 5 cute hanging toys!
The mat is very soft and cuddly for them to lie down and maybe even take a nap after all the playing! šŸ™‚
Most parents agree that this is a must-have for babies!
Perfect addition to your owl nursery too!

Fun and Colorful 1000 Piece Owl PuzzleĀ 

fun owl puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Pieces for Adults – Oil Painting Jigsaw Puzzle

Oil Painting Jigsaw Puzzle – Animal Puzzle Owl

Look what I just found fellow owl lovers!
A fun, cute and very colorful OWL puzzle for kids and adult owl lovers!
Even I want play with it now!
Must be so much fun! šŸ™‚

Cutest Plush Owl Toy for Babies!

plush owl toy for babies

7 Inch Owl Plush Rattle Toy for Baby

Owl Plush Rattle Toy for Baby

Another cute, colorful, fun and adorable owl toy for your baby!
It’s a fun rattle toy!
A cute baby owl!

Fun OWL Board Game for Kids Ages 3 and 4 to 7 Years Old!

OWL Board Game for Kids

Fun OWL Board Game

Peaceable Kingdom / Hoot Owl Hoot! Award Winning Cooperative Board Game

Check this out!!
It’s a FUN owl board game for kids!
I didn’t know there was one out there!
What a pleasant owl surprise! šŸ™‚

Awesome Owl Dart Board Toy for Children!

cool owl dart board game

Dart Board Games Owl for Kids

Double Dart Board Games Owl for Kids

Look who wants to play!
A fun ‘dartboard’ owl! She can’t wait for the game to start!

Melissa & Doug Cute Wooden Flapping Owl Toy for Toddlers!

Melissa & Doug Flapping Owl Toy

Melissa & Doug Flapping Owl Toy

Melissa & Doug Flapping Owl Toy

Another very cute and very unique flapping owl toy for babies and toddlers!
Her owl eyes also move and she also flaps her wings!
Will make a great owl 1st birthday gift idea! šŸ™‚

Cute and Colorful Educational Owls for Kids!

cute owl toys

Snap-n-Learn Rainbow Color, Shape, Letter Owls

Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Rainbow Color, Shape, Letter Owls, Alphabet Toy, 10 Pieces, Ages 2+

Another gorgeous and very colorful owl toy for children!
I couldn’t resist!
I love educational toys!
Perfect gift idea for 2 and 3 year old kids!

*If you have a little more owl time on your wings, check out these cute plush owls too!

Cutest Plush Owls for Kids and Adults!