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Owl Backpacks

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16 Cute Owl Backpacks for Kids and Teens!

I found the cutest and most fun, adorable owl backpacks for children and teenagers being sold and decided to display a few of my favorites here!

cute owl backpacks

Cute Owl Backpack for Kids

Owls are the perfect animal backpacks for kids to take to school because they represent wisdom! 🙂

Cute Owl Backpack

How absolutely adorable is this corduroy owl backpack for sale?
I love her huge eyes!
It is such a FUN backpack that will get your little ones super excited about going to school!

These can also be used for fun trips or a fun outing with mom and dad!

Very Cool and Unique OWL School Backpacks!

Unique OWL School Backpacks

Unique OWL School Backpacks

Owl Boys Girls Women College School Canvas Backpacks

This is definitely one of the most unique and cool owl backpacks around!
It is made from canvas and available in 5 fun colors!
It is very roomy and it has three pockets!
Great for older kids and teen girls!
Fun owl lover gift idea too! 🙂

Gorgeous Owl Print Canvas Backpack for Teens!

owl print canvas backpack

Beautiful Owl Print Canvas Backpack

Very Cute Owl Animal Print Canvas Backpack Rucksack Travel School College Bag

Another gorgeous and very unique owl backpack for sale!
This one is made from high-quality canvas!
It’s very fashion and ultra-cool!
Perfect for owl lover teen girls!

Fun Retro Style Owl Print Backpacks!

Retro Owl Print Canvas Backpack

Retro Style Owl Print Canvas Backpack

Elegant Retro Owl Print Backpack Rucksack Shoulder Hand School Bag, beige

I am in owl stuff heaven right now!
Check out these gorgeous, fun and colorful retro style owl backpacks for sale!
You can have it in four different colors including black, light blue or navy blue and pink!!
(Since they are so cheap, I would definitely take at least two! 🙂
They are also made from canvas.

Fun and Colorful Owls Chevron Stripe Large Canvas Backpack

Owl Chevron Stripe Large Canvas Backpack Handbag

Colorful Owls Chevron Stripe Large Canvas Backpack Handbag

Colorful Owls Chevron Stripe Large Canvas Backpack Handbag (BROWN)

How can we choose only one owl backpack?
Look at this one!
A bunch of cute and happy colorful owls on a tree branch backpack!
I love the fun chevron stripes and the light blue background!
Perfect for kids, teens and adults too!
Why not? 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 16 inches)

Beautiful Big Owl Print Tote Backpack

Big Owl Print Tote Backpack

Big Owl Print Tote Backpack

Orla Kiely Big Owl Print Tote Backpack, Multi, One Size

Another beautiful owl print backpack for teen girls!
It’s full of cool of big owl prints all over!
Made of cotton, leather and polyester.

Adorable Owl Quilted Cotton Backpack for Children!

cotton owl backpack for children

Adorable Cotton Owl Backpacks for Children

Cute Quilted Cotton Backpack OWL

This is one of my favorite cotton owl backpacks for children!
It is so colorful and cheerful! 🙂
It’s made from 100% cotton and it can be washed in a washing machine.
Perfect for 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old little girls!

Cool Owl Nylon Backpack for Girls

owl print school backpack

Fun Owl Print School Backpacks

Fun Owl Print Backpack for School

This cool owl print nylon backpack is perfect for elementary school age girls!
It has large side pockets for a water bottle, three zippered compartments and several pockets inside!
The fun and colorful owls are always happy to be going to school! 🙂

(Product Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 7.5 inches; 14.4 ounces.)

Awesome Owl Shape Backpacks for Teens!

owl shape backpack

owl Shaped Backpacks

Large Capacity Owl Shape Unisex Canvas Backpack

Omg again!
Look what I found now fellow owl lovers!
Fun, colorful and very unique large owl shaped backpacks for sale!
I love this one in bright orange, it stands out!
But you can also choose one in black, red or blue!
I want them all! 🙂

(Size: 20.8″(H)10.2″(L)*7″(W)

Stunning Owl Shaped Backpack!

olive green owl shaped backpack

Gorgeous Owl Shaped Backpack

Stunning Owl Shaped Backpack

This is by far one of the coolest owl shaped backpacks I have ever seen!
It’s in a beautiful olive green color!

Handmade Colorful OWL Patchwork Backpack

Colorful OWL Patchwork Backpack

Colorful OWL Patchwork Backpack

New Thai Handmade Adorable Patchwork Owl Back Pack

These handmade patchwork owl backpacks are so gorgeous!
This one is great for a teenager!
It looks like it’s part of the outfit! 🙂

Fun Handmade Woven Patchwork OWL Backpack

Handmade Woven Patchwork OWL Backpack

Handmade Woven Patchwork OWL Backpack

Handmade Woven Patchwork OWL Hippie Boho Cute Cotton Sling Backpack Assorted

Another fun, cool and funky colorful owl cotton patchwork backpack!
I love the colors!
Will make an awesome happy owl gift idea!

Very Cute Owl Shape Pink Leather School Bag

owl shaped leather school bag for teens

Cool Owl Shaped Leather School Bags

Super Cute Romance Owl Pu Leather School Bag Satchel Backpack Rucksack for Boys Girls

How cute is this pink owl shaped leather school bag for teen girls?
It’s also available in orange, green, red and black!
They are beyond cool! 🙂

Cute Pink Owl Backpack for Little Girls!

pink owl backpack for girls

Adorable Pink Owl Backpack for Girls

Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Sidekick Backpack, Owl, One Size

This is also a very popular cute pink owl backpack for little girls!
She has adorable flower eyes!
Made from 100% polyester it’s perfect for kindergarten!

Small Owl Print School Backpack for Kids!

owl Print School Backpack

Blue Owl Print School Backpack

Animal Print School Backpack OWL

I hope you are having fun here choosing a fun owl print backpack!
I am having a blast picking them out!
This is a stunning blue owl print child-size backpack!
Her eyes are hypnotic!

(Size: 12″ x 10″ x 4.7″)

Gorgeous Quilted Orange Owl Print Backpack for Sale!

Quilted Orange Owl Print Backpack

Quilted Orange Owl Print Backpack

Cute! Patchwork Camo Owl Small Backpack Purse Orange Camouflage

And I will end my selections of cute owl backpacks for kids and teens today with this gorgeous quilted camouflage orange owl print backpack!
Very unique!
Very ‘happy’! 🙂

*My Favorite Cute PLUSH Owls!
(These make cute and fun owl gift ideas anytime!)