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Crystal Owls

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Cute Crystal Owls to Collect!

crystal owls


Who wants a cute crystal owl as a gift? I do!

Crystal owls make great owl gift ideas to owl lovers or crystal figurines collectors!

There are so many beautiful crystal owls out there that I decided to create a special page just for them!

They look amazing when the sunlight passes through them!

Clear and Purple Cute Crystal Owl

This adorable crystal owl carrying purple crystal balloons is one of my favorites!
You can’t help but smile when you see her! 🙂

On this page, you will find a few of the best crystal owls being sold, including gorgeous Swarovski crystal owls!

Have fun here!

Very Cute Swarovski Crystal Owl!

Cute Swarovski Crystal Owl

Cute Swarovski Crystal Owl

Cute Swarovski Crystal Owl

How cute and adorable is this fine Swarovski crystal owl figurine for sale?
I love her golden eyes!
She is the perfect addition to any owl collection!
Nobody can resist her adorable owl face! 🙂

Stunning Swarovski Crystal Owls on Branch!

Swarovski Crystal Owls on Branch

Swarovski Crystal Owls on Branch

Swarovski Owls, Signed By Designer

This Swarovski owls on branch collectible sculpture is one of the most beautiful crystal owls figurines being bought!
It is gorgeous!
It is the perfect romantic owl gift for wives! 🙂

Adorable Swarovski Crystal Christmas Owl for Sale!

Adorable Swarovski Crystal Christmas Owl

Adorable Swarovski Crystal Christmas Owl

Swarovski Rocking Owl

If you are looking for the perfect owl Christmas gift for someone special, how about getting this beyond adorable tiny crystal owl?
As you can see she is definitely ready for Christmas! 🙂
She is also very shiny and will look gorgeous among your other Christmas decoration!
She is so cute and tiny that everyone will want to place her on their hands…

Cute Crystal Owl Vase!

crystal owls for sale

Crystal Vase – O Mocho Owl

Stunning Crystal Owl Vase

What a cute crystal owl vase!
Very unique!
It will make an amazing gift idea for a very special owl lover in the family!

Unique Crystal Owl Head Figurine

Crystal Owl Head

Crystal Owl Head Figurine

Crystal Owl Head (Giant) Figurine, 2.94 Inches, Handcrafted

What a gorgeous crystal owl head!
I love her green eyes!

(This cute Crystal Owl Head measures 2.9375 inches at its longest point.)

Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Owl Figurine!

Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Owl Figurine

Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Owl Figurine

Gorgeous Swarovski Owl Figurine

Another gorgeous Swarovski crystal owl!
I love her beautiful design and gorgeous blue ‘owl’ eyes!
Who is the lucky owl lover getting her? 🙂

Adorable Miniature Crystal Owls!

Adorable Miniature Crystal Owls

Adorable Miniature Crystal Owls

CRYSTAL WORLD “Hoot” Adorable Crystal Owls

This is probably the most adorable crystal owl figures I have ever seen!
Two cute crystal owls stand side by side on a crystal branch!
I think it’s mommy owl and her adorable baby owl! 🙂
Very original!
Great owl git idea for Mother’s Day!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute crystal owls from this page and were able to pick one for you or someone you love! 🙂
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